Patient and Office

As a patient, you have certain rights:

  • Right to privacy and confidentiality
  • Right to participate in medical care
  • Right to be informed of benefit, risk and alternate treatment
  • Right to refuse treatment
  • Right to be informed of the consequences of refusal of treatment
  • Right to review test results
  • Right to secure medical records upon request and payment of fees
  • Right to have all fees explained

Patients also have certain responsibilities:

  • Provide accurate and complete information
  • Ask for clarification if you do not understand
  • Follow the doctor’s advice and instructions
  • Respect rights and properties of other patients and office facilities
  • Promptly fulfill financial obligations
  • There is no smoking in the reception area
  • Bring only one person to accompany you on your office visit
  • Turn off your cell phone

Because of our designation as a patient centered medical home, we also ask that you:

  • Take an active role in your health care
  • Call your patient centered medical home with any concerns and before you seek additional treatment including visiting the Emergency Room or Urgent Care
  • Learn about wellness and prevention
  • Know your medical conditions and inform your physician of any concerns
  • Monitor all my medications and take them as prescribed
  • Keep all your appointments, know your insurance and pay you rshare of the visits when seen in the office
  • Follow all the goals set for me by your physician and yourself

Our office will:

  • Release medical information only by permission from the patient to be released
  • Do our best to honor your request to see a specific doctor; however, if you belong to an HMO, this may not be possible